With over 1,000 games in our portfolio, we know how to play

Computer Games

No matter if casual games or core games: we got them all! Games for all ages and within all price ranges for kids as well as adults. For beginners and experienced players.

We love all kind of games and within our extensive portfolio you will find any kind of possible genre. Jump & Runs, Puzzles, Adventures, Card Games, Racing Games, Shooters, Action titles, or Strategy games – just to name a few!

Mobile Games

Immanitas Entertainment is very experienced in the field of mobile games and entered the global Apple App-Store-Charts 2009 for the first time. With hundreds of titles for Android as well as iOS we offer a wide range of fun for everybody who wants to play on his phone, tablet or even TV.

Free games as well as Premium games are available in stores worldwide and did generate so far millions of downloads – we are proud about every single one!

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