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  Merciless fight for survival: Tower-Defense-style action title "Dino Defender: Bunker Battles" out now for free for Android!
   (09th January 2015)

  Flower Defense game "Plant Panic" out now! Gamers all over the world can now save the flowers on iOS and Android
   (12th December 2014)

  That rocks: Fast-paced action title "Blow Your Way" out now for free for iOS and Android!
   (28th November 2014)

  Ludo Master: Adaption of world-famous board game out now for Android devices for free
   (26th November 2014)

  DEEP ECLIPSE – NEW SPACE ODYSSEY: The return of the arcade space shooter game out now at Steam!
   (30th October 2014)

  "Words Football Quiz 2014 Edition" out now for iOS for FREE
   (15th Aug 2014)

  Fun and addictive casual puzzler CRAZY BELTS out now for PC/Mac and mobile platforms!
   (20th June 2014)

  ‘Crazy Belts’ Offers Great Gameplay & Unique Puzzle Action To Casual Players Looking For A Great Challenge
   (19th June 2014)

  PC Tower Defense Game “Rush for Glory” out now worldwide at Steam and various download platforms!
   (17th June 2014)

   (9th June 2014)

  "Bomb the Monsters!" out now for iOs and Android"
   (30th May 2014)

   (29th May 2014)

  Tower-Defense-Game “Rush for Glory” erobert die Läden
   (15th April 2014)

  Threatening Alien Invasion needs to be stopped in upcoming PC Tower Defense Game “Rush for Glory”
   (14th March 2014)

  Immanitas Entertainment releases “Pirate Treasure – Lost Islands” for iOs and Android today"
   (19th February 2014)

  Action-packed Tower Defense Game “Rush for Glory” announced for PC!"
   (10th February 2014)

  Immanitas Entertainment releases “Snakes & Ladders in Aquarium” for iOs and Android as of today
   (31st January 2014)

  Immanitas Entertainment cooperates with Spanish game developer Jemchicomac
   (13th January 2014)

  Immanitas Entertainment releases mobile game “PlayArts: Bruegel” today for free!
   (30th December 2013)

  Basketball Manager 2014 ab sofort im Handel
   (18th December 2013)

  Update für "Gabelstapler: Die Simulation"
   (13th December 2013)

  Immanitas Entertainment announces KICK THE BALL! for iOs and Android!
   (9th December 2013)

  Basketball Manager 2014 steht in den Startlöchern!
   (6th December 2013)

  Spooky Slot Machine out now for iOs!
   (25th November 2013)

  Educational app My Free Coloring Book out now for iOs!
   (20th November 2013)

  Indie Game MonstaFish out now for PC
   (14th November 2013)

  Super groovy Match3-Puzzler Funky Disco Bears is rocking the AppStore
   (31th October 2013)

  Aloha - The Game out now for iOs and Android!
   (11th October 2013)

  Immanitas Entertainment kündigt Gabelstapler: Die Simulation für PC und iOs an
   (08th October 2013)

  Immanitas Entertainment announces Aloha - The Game for iOs and Android
   (30th September 2013)

  Immanitas Entertainment announces Basketball Manager 2014 - Das Original
   (17th September 2013)

  Bruce Lii - Hit and Run out now!
   (21th August 2013)

  Lucky Lottery Scratcher is out now!
   (19th August 2013)

  My Candy Slots Party out now!
   (25th July 2013)

  Ex-Freunde für Facebook jetzt im App Store
   (16th July 2013)

  Immanitas Entertainment veröffentlicht Lula Online als sexy Retail-Version!
   (21th June 2013)

  Immanitas Entertainment veröffentlicht die STRATEGIEBOXXX für PC und Mac
   (14th June 2013)

  Immanitas Entertainment takes on distribution of FlightSoft
   (31th May 2013)

  "The Time Trap" Puzzle-Sudoku available now for iOS and Android!
   (22th May 2013)

  "Multiplayer update for "Let's Skate"!
   (17th May 2013)

  "Let´s Skate" is now available free of charge for iOS!
   (5th May 2013)

  Crash Dummy now available for Android!
   (12th April 2013)

  Physics puzzle game now available for iOS and Android!
   (28th March 2013)

  Tabletop Defense for iOS is now available!
   (21th March 2013)

  Immanitas Entertainment presents "Let's Skate" for iOS!
   (18th March 2013)

  Tabletop Defense for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch will hit the App Store on March 21, 2013
   (15th March 2013)

  Sliding Puzzle Dracula's Castle released for iOS and Android!
   (27th Febuary 2013)

  Immanitas Entertainment lets the Bunnies hop
   (18th Febuary 2013)

  Immanitas Entertainment cooperates with Blue Shadow Games
   (9th January 2013)

  Crash Dummy available now on iOS devices!
   (20th December 2012)

  Xmas is coming: Frozen Hearth presents the festive total conversion game mode "Capture the Present"
   (14th December 2012)

  Casual platformer Crash Dummy to be released simultaneously for iOS and Android
   (13th December 2012)

  Tabletop Defense by Immanitas Entertainment coming soon
   (6th December 2012)

  Puzzle game "Jelly All Stars" available now for iOS and Android!
   (29th November 2012)

  Indie RTS "Frozen Hearth" now available!
   (27th November 2012)

  Immanitas Entertainment to publish official Ong Bak Game worldwide
   (19th November 2012)

  Puzzle game "Crazy Fishes" now available on the App Store
   (9th November 2012)

  Frozen Hearth - full overview of multiplayer modes
   (7th November 2012)

  Brand-new screenshots, release date and pre-order deal for Frozen Hearth
   (30th October 2012)

  Immanitas Entertainment announces two fun-packed mobile puzzle games for casual gamers
   (30th October 2012)

  Immanitas Entertainment releases Frozen Hearth on Greenlight
   (25th October 2012)

  Immanitas Entertainment: Official Website and Trailer for Frozen Hearth now online
   (12th October 2012)

  Immmanitas Entertainment announces updated version of Uprising 44 in English and German
   (4th October 2012)

  Fouring Cursed Diamonds – The cursed pirate treasure of Isla Bonita now on Android
   (19th September 2012)

  Immmanitas Entertainment uncovers further details about the invading race in Frozen Hearth
   (28th September 2012)

  Immanitas Entertainment announces XOTIC – PREMIUM EDITION for worldwide distribution
   (28th August 2012)

  Immmanitas Entertainment announces a real treat for strategy gamers: Frozen Hearth
   (22nd August 2012)

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