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Brand-new screenshots, release date and pre-order deal for Frozen Hearth

Berlin, 30th October 2012 - Strategy gamers will have a great November! Why? Because Immanitas Entertainment has announced the official launch date for Frozen Hearth! Starting from the 29th November 2012 on Frozen Hearth will be available as a digital download as well as a traditional boxed retail product. If you want to see Frozen Hearth on Steam also, please vote for it here: and please share the link so we can reach our goal pretty fast. The start was awesome so far but we need more support if we want to be available on Steam in time. This game definitely deserved it.

This indie title from the Australian developer Epiphany Games has the potential of becoming a real insider tip for all fans of RTS games. The combination of fast-paced tactical action and a dark fantasy setting will engross players, making the Danaan’s fight for survival against the demonic Shangur all the more personal. Three acts split into a total of 18 missions can be played both alone as well as in co-op mode with another human player. Of course heated multiplayer battles online or locally are also part of the package.

To make the waiting until release more bearable Immanitas Entertainment has teamed up with Gamers Gate to offer a great pre-order deal. If you buy the game here ( before it is released, you get 10% off as well as the soundtrack and artbook in digital format. You will receive the game as soon as it is released.

Frozen Hearth will be available for Windows PC on 29th November 2012 for 19.99 EUR / 24,99 USD / 16,99 GBP. You can find the official trailer here: Trailer Frozen Hearth. For further information you can also visit the Frozen Hearth Facebook Page at or the official website:

Frozen Hearth Screenshot

Frozen Hearth Screenshot

Frozen Hearth Screenshot

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