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Immanitas Entertainment announces XOTIC – PREMIUM EDITION for worldwide distribution

This fast-paced action shooter combines vivid graphics with unique and innovative gameplay element, with the release penned in for September 2012.

Berlin, 28th August 2012 - The international publisher Immanitas Entertainment GmbH has secured the worldwirde distribution rights for XOTIC and announces the release date of the PREMIUM EDITION today. The PREMIUM EDITION, which offers nine bonus levels, video interviews with the developers and many more extra features, will be released on the 14th September.

XOTIC is a first-person-shooter, where successful frags earn you points and players must utilize massive chain-reactions and use combos and multipliers to their best advantage in order to dominate the highscore tables. The weapons of choice are so called Marcoterra, symbiotic creatures that will help the player destroy the evil Followers of the Orb on his planet and plant the seed of life. Dealing with hordes of enemies to try and beat that personal highscore and challenging the world via online leaderboards is a real treat thanks to the great visuals. Lots of different power-ups and bonus crystals to experiment with should keep players for a long time to come.

XOTIC – PREMIUM EDITION will be released on 14th September 2012 for an amazing 14.99 EUR.


  • Unique game experience thanks to action-oriented gameplay
  • Vivid visuals and innovative game world
  • Varied missions with loads of different weapons and enemies
  • Impressive levels covered with power-ups and point crystals to chase the next highscore
  • Quick start with short-time gaming sessions
  • Tons of exclusive bonus material in the PREMIUM EDITION

    Platform: PC
    Genre: Action
    Entwickler: WXP Games
    Release date: 14th September 2012
    Price: 14,99 EUR
    Frozen Hearth Screenshot

    Frozen Hearth Screenshot

    Frozen Hearth Screenshot

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